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Holding technology

Patent holding status

Patent (domestic)

Application dateInvention nameApplication number
2012-05-233-D bending device 10-2012-0054912
2015-10-20Aluminium hull heat treatment unit 10-2015-0145712
2015-10-20easy-to-direction courtesy car 10-2015-0145713
2015-03-19Manufacturing method of aluminium alloy products 10-2015-0038000
2015-09-24Winding device 10-2015-0135097
2015-12-02Section steel loading device 10-2015-0170390
2018-05-10Angle correction device 10-2018-0053633
2018-05-10Angle correction device 10-2018-0053632
2016-06-17Manufacturing method of high-strength aluminum alloy products 10-2016-0075486
2018-06-25Vehicle roof rack 10-2018-0072487
2018-09-11A transport device for the base and aluminum extrusion 10-2018-0108037
2019-06-12Vehicle roof rack and its surface treatment method 10-2019-0069057
2019-09-06Battery module case for electric vehicle 10-2019-0110500
2021-06-28Hollow metal extension machining apparatus 10-2021-0083643
2023-07-17Packaging system for component 10-2023-0033898
2023-09-12Calibration device of battery module case for eco-friendly mobility 10-2023-0121359

Patents (Overseas)

Application dateInvention nameApplication number
2016-08-11A WINDING DEVICE 1-2016-02957
2019-05-09Angle correction device KR2019/005546
2019-05-09Angle correction device KR2019/005549
2019-09-11A transport device for the base and aluminum extrusion KR2019/011797
2019-12-19Angle correction device GP170400PCT-PL
2019-12-19Angle correction device GP170399PCT-PL
2020-07-02Battery Module Case for Electric Vehicles KR2020/008629


Application dateInvention nameApplication number
2013-02-05Pallet for transporting goods30-2013-0006338