The company creates new values and contributes to making a better life for all through constant development and technological innovation.

Corporate value

Vision & Mission


Aluminium materials and parts manufacturers that are resistant to precision extrusion


Pursuing sustainable benefits by fulfilling our promises

Greeting from CEO

The last 40 years that have been the foundation of the basic industry.

ALMAC, which has contributed to the development of the domestic aluminum extrusion business for the past 40 years, is making constant efforts today to become the foundation of the domestic aluminum industry, and the Company promises to do more with our creative challenge spirit and will.

A leading company in automotive lightweight materials and parts

ALMAC is expanding its automotive lightweight parts business based on its strength in extrusion materials technology and know-how in manufacturing automotive parts. It is growing into a global aluminum material and parts company through its new business, the electric vehicle battery parts business and the next-generation high-strength, high ductility crash alloy technology for electric vehicles.

Sustainable company with company members

The commitment with members is the most important aspect of ALMAC. By fulfilling our promise, ALMAC will become a sustainable company that grows with its members.

We will always be with you with the belief that customer requirements will be our standard, and that customer satisfaction will be our happiness.

Thank you.

Representative Director Sang-ho Shin