The Company strives its best in social responsibility management that can give trust to stakeholders in various fields.

Ethical Management

Code of Ethics

1. Basic responsibilities

  • ALMAC aims to become a company that is trusted and respected based on integrity management that adheres to the basics and the principles.
  • The Company increases corporate value by reinforcing continuous management innovation and growth power, establishes an ethical corporate culture to grow together with all stakeholders by creating a company that customers want to trade, shareholders to invest, and employees want to work.

2. Customers and Business Partners

  • Consider customer value as the top priority in management and provides the best products and services.
  • Provide fair opportunities to suppliers and ensures reasonable trading conditions to develop a partnership.
  • Persue good faith competition with competitors and complies with fair trade order.

3. Shareholders and Investors

  • Realize fair profits through transparent decision-making and efficient management activities.
  • Increase corporate value through continuous management innovation and growth strategies.
  • Respect the rights and return on investment of shareholders and investors and provides the necessary information in a timely manner.

4. All employees

  • Respect individual creativity and provides opportunities for fair competition to become a place for self-realization.
  • Do not discriminate on the grounds of academic background, region, gender, age, religion, etc.
  • Establish a developmental corporate culture based on mutual trust and understanding.

Code of Conduct

1. Transactions with customers- The Company complies with sound and fair trade order.

  • All transactions shall mutually be respected to ensure fairness and equality.
  • Take advantage of a superior position to make no form of recompense or unreasonable demand.
  • Do not trade with companies that have illegal acts such as tax evasion, accounting corruption, or environmental pollution.

2. Conflict of Interest-The Company does not engage in unjust acts with stakeholders in relation to business

  • Do not lend money, solicitations, etc. that may interfere with the fair business performance with stakeholders.
  • Do not offer or accept any money or equivalent other than ordinary souvenirs and gifts.
  • Shall not provide or receive entertainment or convenience exceeding the usual level nor shall it be prohibited by the provisions of the beneficiary party, even if it is inevitable.
  • The congratulations and condolences shall not be notified to interested parties, which may affect the work, and congratulatory congratulations and condolences are recommended to be within 50,000 won, which is the average level, according to the purpose of mutual assistance, and not to exceed 100,000 won in exceptional cases.

3. Protection of Company Assets

  • Do not take personal advantage of the company's assets or information.
  • Do not use the company's important internal information to gain unfair advantage for yourself or others.
  • Budget funds shall be executed efficiently from the perspective of a sincere manager.
  • Do not use the company's supplies, facilities, etc. for purposes other than those directly related to the company's business.

4. Protecting and Sharing Information

  • Protect the company's important information and share useful information.
  • The Company's non-disclosure or important information shall be thoroughly protected.
  • Important information shall be communicated to persons in need as soon as it is recognized.

5. Employee's attitude

  • Create an organizational culture of mutual trust and respect.
  • Do not engage in verbal, physical, or visual behavior that offend others.
  • Respect individual privacy and do not slander others.
  • Remove barriers between organizations and create an atmosphere of mutual cooperation.

6. Healthy Social Life

  • Respect social norms and uphold the honor of the ALMAC people.
  • Take the lead in volunteering as an exemplary member of society.
  • Do not defame the dignity of the ALMAC and the ALMAC people.
  • Do not use the position of the company to engage in activities that benefit a specific political party or social group.

7. Compliance with the Code of Ethics

  • All faithfully comply with the Code of Ethics as the standard for behavior and value judgment.
  • If he/she finds out that the act of himself/herself or another person violates the ethical standards, he/she shall notify the manager or the department in charge of ethics.
  • The Company shall protect and not penalize those who have notified the above facts.
  • Separate standards may be established, if necessary, for the efficient operation of ethical standards.