The Company produces lightweight, ultra-precision materials through precision extrusion with the best technology and quality to provide excellent products and services to customers.

Auto Parts

EV Battery

Based on the world's best technology, ALMAC produces precise aluminum parts for electric vehicle batteries and supplies them to the world market.
A large-scale product 0.4 or higher is available.

Roof Rack

After starting the production of Roof Rack for the first time in Korea, it has been supplied to automobile manufacturers for over 20 years, boasting its excellent quality.
Coating type: Ceramic, High Gloss Anodizing, powder coating, and liquid coating are available.


The aluminum bumper is applied to improve fuel economy through vehicle weight reduction,and our products are supplied to domestic and overseas passenger car and truck manufacturers.
Crash Alloy is available upon the customer's needs (DBL 4919.10 to 40)

Other Auto Parts

With the development of automobile manufacturing technology, aluminum has been being applied to various parts such as power train parts,
dustproof parts, hydrogen vehicles and tank valves.