Development of Vehicular Parts

Research and Developments

Implementing agency Project name Development period
Korea Industrial Complex Corporation (KICOX) Development of Aluminum Extrusion Mold Polishing Device 2010.01~2011.07
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOTIE)/
Leading Industry Support Team of Southeast Economic Region
Development of HMI (Human Machine Interface) High Safety, High Sensitivity Integrated Side Body Open/Close Module 2009.12~2011.12
Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP)
Korea Research Council for Industrial Science and Technology (ISTK)
Development of High Efficiency HVAC System and Key Component Parts Design and Process Technology for Electric Vehicles 2014.07~2016.06
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOTIE)
Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP)
Development of High Temperature Desert PV Module and High Utilization System 2011.07~2016.06
Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) Development of Cross-Sectional Design Change Technology of Aluminum Mold Bar for Clean Room Ceiling with Improved Strength to Achieve 20% Cost Reduction 2016.05~2016.11


Application date Name of invention Application No
2011.12.19Mold polishing device 10-2011-0137034
2012.03.15High strength aluminum alloy with superior shock absorption and thermal stability10-2012-0026525
2013.12.033D bending device 10-2012-0054912
2015.03.19Manufacturing method of aluminum alloy products 10-2015-0038000
2015.09.24Winding device 10-0215-0135097
2015.10.20Aluminum wire rod heat treatment equipment 10-2015-0145712
2015.10.20A carriage easy to change direction 10-2015-0145713
2015.12.02Section steel loading device 10-2015-0170390
2016.06.17Manufacturing method of high strength aluminum alloy products 10-2016-0075486