Development of extruded aluminum

Alloy Design

Design of new alloy improved from current alloy composition

Design of alloy with maximum mechanical properties based on Alloy Data Base

Design of alloy with maximum extrusion performance within the same mechanical properties

R&D Casting Line

Secured casting and extrusion test ability of various materials, thanks to own test billet casting equipment

Developed optimal factors for each process factor during Billet casting

Die Design

Optimal mold design through CAE analysis

Design of extrusion mold processing method based on 3D data for mold reproducibility

Development of heat treatment process and surface finishing technology of mold

Development of machining technology and mold technology for mold machining of complicated and fine shape

Extrusion stress analysis and mold deformation analysis

Extrusion Process Optimization

Design of optimal extrusion conditions considering billet temperature, mold temperature, extrusion speed and mold strain

Design of optimal extrusion process parameters for satisfying sectional dimensions of extrusion profile

Design of extrusion process parameters for controlling the microstructure of the extrusion profile

Design of cooling process parameters for dimensional accuracy of extrusion profile

Heat Treatment Optimization

Establishment of precision heat treatment with minimum temperature deviation

Establishment of real-time data storage device for temperature control of the entire heat treatment zone

Secure optimized mechanical properties through multi-step heat treatment process design

Properties Analysis

Analysis of mechanical properties and chemical composition of materials

Establishment of material property base data base through microstructure analysis and analysis of influence on surface finishing

Analysis of anodizing characteristics for each chemical composition

Analysis of influencing factors of corrosion resistance and surface treatment