Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

1. Our fundamental responsibilities We aim to be an internationally respected and trusted company.

  • - The uncompromising commitment to integrity and discipline embodied in our Right Path management philosophy provides the foundation for this.
  • - We aim to develop and grow with each of our stakeholders as we pursue the continuous innovation and sustainable growth that will enhance our corporate value as well as foster an ethical corporate culture. Our goal is to be a company customers want to do business with, a company investors want to invest in, and a company people want to work for.

2. Our commitment to our customers, business partners, and competitors

  • - We will make customer value our number-one priority, delivering the best products and service.
  • - We will develop win-win relationships with our suppliers, guaranteeing impartial treatment as well as reasonable terms and conditions.
  • - We will compete in good faith and respect the principles of fair.

3. Our commitment to our stockholders and investors

  • - We will achieve solid profitability through transparent decision-making and effective management.
  • - We will increase corporate value through continuous innovation and sustainable growth.
  • - We will respect the rights of stockholders and investors and their expectations to profit from their investments. We will provide timely and full disclosure so they can make informed investment decisions.

4. Our commitment to our employees

  • - We will respect the creativity of each individual and provide equal work opportunities to create an environment where they can achieve their full potential
  • - We will not discriminate on the basis of alma mater, birthplace, gender, age, religion, or any other criteria unrelated to job qualifications.
  • - We will foster a win-win corporate culture built on mutual trust and understanding.

5. Our commitment to local, national, and global communities

  • - We will abide by all national laws and regulations as a socially responsible corporate citizen.
  • - We will respect the traditions and culture of local communities as we work to prosper and grow with them
  • - We will comply with international conventions on human rights, the environment, culture, and trade as well as local laws and accounting standards in every country we operate in.

Rules of Conduct

1. Follow sound and fair trading principles

  • - Treat all business contacts with respect, ensuring that all dealings are performed fairly and equitably
  • - Refrain from using your position of power to seek undue concessions.
  • - Avoid doing business with companies that have been convicted of tax evasion, accounting fraud, or willful environmental pollution.

2. Avoid conflicts of interest

  • - Refrain from peddling or misusing influence as well as borrowing from or lending to business contacts.
  • - Refuse to give or accept money or valuable gifts. The only exceptions are for souvenirs and small gifts exchanged under generally accepted social practices.
  • - Refuse requests for or offers of dining, entertainment, or other business courtesies beyond generally accepted social practices. In all cases, the policy and standards of the recipients organization must be fully respected.
  • - Avoid notifying business contacts in situations where congratulation or condolence money would customarily be expected. The recommended guideline for these customary payments is KRW 50,000 or less, and payments should not exceed KRW 100,000 under any circumstance.

3. Avoid misuse of company assets or information

  • - Refrain from using or sharing internal information for personal gain.
  • - Administer company funds responsibly and effectively.
  • - Avoid using company supplies and facilities for non-business purposes.

4. Protect confidential information

  • - Scrupulously protect confidential knowledge and information.
  • - Immediately forward important knowledge and information to appropriate personnel.
  • - Refrain from distorting facts or disseminating false information.

5. Create a culture of mutual trust and respect

  • - Avoid offensive verbal, physical or visual behavior.
  • - Respect individual privacy and avoid assaults on character.
  • - Break down organizational barriers and create an atmosphere that fosters cooperation.

6. Respect social norms and reputations

  • - Set the example for volunteer service in local communities.
  • - Avoid any conduct that might damage the good name and reputation of the company or fellow employees.
  • - Refrain from using position to benefit a particular political party or non-profit organization.

7. Establish a culture of ethical excellence

  • - Adopt the Code of Conduct as your personal value and conduct standard.
  • - Immediately report violations of the Code of Conduct by yourself or others to your supervisor or the Corporate Ethics Team.
  • - Witnesses of ethical violations will remain confidential and be fully protected from possible retaliatory action.
  • - Code of Conduct standards may be clarified or added when necessary to address emerging issues.